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When can I play The Escape Hunt Experience? Located in 100 feet road Indra Nagar, Bangalore.  We are open for business every day of the year with 40 games a day from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm.  You can play whenever we have free slots, either by booking online on this website or call us at +91 9845333058.

What if I arrive late?  This is a LIVE adventure concept so unfortunately if you arrive late, you may NOT be able to play and/or you may be required to play in a reduced amount of time. It’s extremely important to arrive on time, as there will be other adventurers booked in after you as well.

Do I need to book in advance?  Yes, we operate a sophisticated booking and calendar system here on our website and via Facebook.  Bookings always fill up quickly, so be sure to check regularly as we open new booking periods daily.

Can’t I just turn up and play with friends?  There may be a limited number of game slots each day for last minute bookings and walk-ins.  You will need to arrive as early as possible in the day in order to reserve for later that day, as these will be on a first-come, first-served basis. For this reason, we STRONGLY recommend booking ahead!

How do I book?  Booking is really simple.  Go to out bookings page and follow these simple steps:

1. Choose your group size.  We allow from 2 – 5 players.  Less than 2 means you want to play alone.  It’s hard, but you can if you really want to try, but keep in mind you will still need to pay for 2 players.  More than 6 players is possible too – just book 2 or more rooms and spread your team across those rooms.  You will start at the same time and play against each other head-to-head.

2. Choose your room theme.  There is a description on the booking site and more information in our FAQs here on another page but all games are great to play.

3. Choose your preferred date and time.  By clicking on all the games you get more choice of date and time.  The chances are you will find a free slot on one of the rooms, so check them all one by one!

4. Choose the game and pay.